Schellhaas Landscape Construction also offers all finishes of concrete for a patio,  walkway, and driveway surface. We are a very unique company that has mastered both the concrete and paver surface industry. Offering all finishes such as stamped concrete,  exposed aggregate concrete, broom, and float finish concrete. We like to dig deep and pour thick for all of our concrete projects. As always the proper relief control joints and stone base is installed to avoid cracking during the freezing and thawing season of  Pennsylvania. As well we install all the required wire mesh, rebar, and expansion joint to help make your investment last.

When it comes to stamped concrete there is a wide variety of options. We can choose from a wide variety of stamp patterns, offsetting stamped borders, and multiple color options.

Exposed aggregate concrete is an excellent middle-of-the-road option. Decorative with a clean timelessness finish is how we like to describe it. This finish is one of our more popular finishes for concrete. The finish is always consistent and beautiful each and every time.

With every concrete project, there is a list of factors to consider, aspects like:

  • Area slope and grade
  • Soil load stability
  • Water runoff and stormwater management
  • Permeable surface percentages
  • Design and layout

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