3D Designs

3D Designs

Schellhaas Landscape Construction has become a proven leader with its design-build capabilities. Our 3D design software allows us to build to scale renderings of a  completed outdoor project. The renderings also can be formatted as blueprints to be used for on site-building. We can quickly look at different material options even add and subtract upgrades like a pavilion roof or grill island. This design program will give a real-time view of what the homeowner's investment will look like as a finished product.

All the design work is done in-house at Schellhaas Landscape Construction so there is very little “lost in translation” between designer and contractor. When you hire  Schellhaas Landscape Construction to design-build your project we avoid lost time waiting on approved design alterations and overcoming unforeseen factors.

Our design-build helps with:

  • One point of contact for the design, estimating, and build
  • Saved time with only one point of contact
  • Quickly make design and build alterations
  • Ability to quickly view many different material options
  • Understanding the functionality of the project and how it will work with the existing  home
  • Bidding and estimating process

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